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Inclusive & user-centric front-end engineering.

Karl Wills

Hi there, I’m Karl. I'm a front-end engineer from Warrington with over a decade of professional experience.

I work with both agencies and brands to help build user interfaces, design systems and digital products with accessibility and inclusion at the forefront. I believe that the web should be accessible to everyone.

I write standands-compliant code to build responsive, resilient, and performant user interfaces that scale.

During my career I’ve been fortunate to work for some of the UK’s biggest brands and start-ups, including: Very, BluePrism, Missguided, The Modern Milkman, Doddle, Pets at Home and BrewDog.

Why hire me

There’s no shortage of talented software engineers out there to choose from, so why hire me?

  • I want to do great work. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and hold myself to high standards. It's important to me that I provide value for the investment you make in me.
  • I want to work with you, not for you. While I'm capable of tackling problems independently, I prefer working together to find solutions.
  • I value trust and transparency. I'm open and honest in the way I work.

How I'm different

I'm not just a front-end engineer. While I like to sit and write code, I want to make an impact and provide value.

  • I have strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate across all business levels.
  • I'm comfortable joining a project at any stage. Whether it's a greenfield project or an existing codebase, I'm able to quickly get up to speed and start contributing.

Hire me

Do you have a new or existing project you need my help with?
I'm currently available, so let's discuss it.

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